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Editing SQL Statements

Use the following procedure to edit existing SQL statements.

To edit SQL statements

  1. Open DBMS using the URL provided by your Sun ONE ASP administrator.

  2. Under a connection node in the left pane, do one of the following:

    • Expand the SQL Statements node and click a specific statement.

    • - or -

    • Click the words SQL Statements, and then click Edit in line with the SQL statement you want to edit.

  3. Edit the SQL statement directly in the SQL statement box or by using the Reference boxes, and then take the desired action:

    • Click Execute to run the query and return results to the Query result box in the right pane. Results are returned as either a recordset or a message. If the query returns a recordset, the result is listed by pages. Otherwise, a message of some type displays. If the query is unsuccessful, an error message displays.

    • Click Save to save the SQL statement.

    • Enter a new name in the box to the right of the Save As button, and then click Save As to save the SQL statement with a new name.

    • Note icon Note The #shown box displayed with query results specifies how many records should be displayed. This number is set to 20 by default. To see a different number of records, change the number in the box and then click Refresh. If the total number of records exceeds the number shown, use the navigation buttons (< > symbols) in the lower right corner to navigate through the records. Clicking << or >> takes you to the first or last set of records. Records are displayed in increments of the number in the #shown box.

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