CL_ClanApplication Class Reference
[clanApp System]

Helper class to create cross platform main functions. More...

#include <clanapp.h>

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Static Public Attributes


static MainFunctionmain


typedef int( MainFunction )(const std::vector< CL_String > &args)
 CL_ClanApplication (MainFunction *main_function)
 Clan Application constructor.

Detailed Description

Helper class to create cross platform main functions.

To use this class, create a static main function in your application class, then make a single global instance of CL_ClanApplication.

 class MyApplication
   static int main(std::vector<CL_String> &args);

 CL_ClanApplication clanapp(&MyApplication::main);

Your program does not have to use this class.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef int( CL_ClanApplication::MainFunction)(const std::vector< CL_String > &args)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CL_ClanApplication::CL_ClanApplication ( MainFunction main_function  )  [inline]

Clan Application constructor.

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