CL_Display Class Reference
[clanDisplay Display]

Top level display class. More...

#include <display.h>

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Static Public Member Functions


static CL_DisplayTarget get_current_target ()
 Returns the currently selected display target.

static void set_current_target (const CL_DisplayTarget &target, bool only_set_if_null=false)
 Sets the currently selected display target.

Detailed Description

Top level display class.

The display class provides a static function interface to CL_DisplayWindow and other clanDisplay classes. It uses a selected display window (by default the first created window) to call the equalent functions in CL_DisplayWindow, CL_GraphicContext and such.

The entire point of this is to allow applications with only one window to not pass around a pointer to the display window.

Member Function Documentation

static CL_DisplayTarget CL_Display::get_current_target (  )  [static]

Returns the currently selected display target.

static void CL_Display::set_current_target ( const CL_DisplayTarget target,
bool  only_set_if_null = false 
) [static]

Sets the currently selected display target.

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