CL_Endian Class Reference
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Endianess management class. More...

#include <cl_endian.h>

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Static Public Member Functions


static void swap (void *data, int type_size, int total_times=1)
 Swaps larger amounts of data between little and big endian.

static bool is_system_big ()
 Returns true if big endian system.
static bool is_system_64bit ()
 Returns true if 64 bit system.

Detailed Description

Endianess management class.

The CL_Endian class is used to convert between different endianess. There are also a set of defines to the lazy developer:

define SWAP_IF_BIG(i)
define SWAP_IF_LITTLE(i)
define SWAP_IF_BIG_ALOT(i, times)
define SWAP_IF_LITTLE_ALOT(i, times)
define IS_SYSTEM_64BIT()

Each of these defines call CL_Endian::is_system_big() and CL_Endian::swap.

Member Function Documentation

static bool CL_Endian::is_system_64bit (  )  [static]

Returns true if 64 bit system.

True if 64 bit, false otherwise.
static bool CL_Endian::is_system_big (  )  [static]

Returns true if big endian system.

True if big endian system, false otherwise.
static void CL_Endian::swap ( void *  data,
int  type_size,
int  total_times = 1 
) [static]

Swaps larger amounts of data between little and big endian.

data Data to be swapped.
type_size Size of datatype to be swapped. (Must be an even number)
total_times Number of 'type_size' size data chunks to be swapped.

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