CL_OutlineCircle Class Reference
[clanDisplay Collision]

Collision detection outline segmentation circle. More...

#include <outline_circle.h>

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Public Member Functions


 CL_OutlineCircle ()
 Construct a outline circle.

bool collide (const CL_OutlineCircle &other) const
 Construct a outline circle.

Public Attributes


CL_Pointf position
float radius
unsigned int start
unsigned int end

Detailed Description

Collision detection outline segmentation circle.

Outline circles split the line segments into groups for faster collision detection. If two circles encapsulating the lines don't collide, none of the lines inside them can collide either.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CL_OutlineCircle::CL_OutlineCircle (  )  [inline]

Construct a outline circle.

Member Function Documentation

bool CL_OutlineCircle::collide ( const CL_OutlineCircle other  )  const [inline]

Construct a outline circle.

other Other circle to test.

References position, radius, CL_Vec2< Type >::x, and CL_Vec2< Type >::y.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int CL_OutlineCircle::end

Referenced by collide().

Referenced by collide().

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