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rect.h File Reference

#include "../api_core.h"
#include "vec2.h"
#include "size.h"
#include "point.h"
#include "origin.h"
#include "cl_math.h"
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class  CL_Rect
 2D (left,top,right,bottom) rectangle structure - Integer More...
class  CL_Rectd
 2D (left,top,right,bottom) rectangle structure - Double More...
class  CL_Rectf
 2D (left,top,right,bottom) rectangle structure - Float More...
class  CL_Rectx< Type >
 2D (left,top,right,bottom) rectangle structure. More...


CL_Rectd CL_RectdPS (double x, double y, double width, double height)
CL_Rectf CL_RectfPS (float x, float y, float width, float height)
CL_Rect CL_RectPS (int x, int y, int width, int height)