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Oracle® Database Lite Administration and Deployment Guide
10g (10.0.0)
Part No. B12262-01
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13 Deployment: Creating an Install CD for Mobile Clients

This document describes how to create an install CD for installing Mobile Clients offline. Topics include:

13.1 How to Create an Offline CD for Mobile Clients

As the Administrator, you can create a set of files on a Windows machine. To enable users to install a Mobile Client offline, this file set can be burned to a CD. The files on the CD, install a Mobile Client and the requisite Java files.

This method is recommended for users who want to install a Mobile Client, but are connecting over low-bandwidth connections, although, they must still use such connections to synchronize.

The following sections describe how to download the offline install files.

13.1.1 Downloading the Offline Install Files

To download the offline install files, perform the following steps.

  1. Using the following URL, connect to the Setup page.

    http://<mobile server>/webtogo/setup

    The Mobile Client Setup page lists Mobile Clients for all platforms.

  2. Click the Mobile Client to download the Mobile Client setup.exe and save it in a local directory on your desktop.

13.1.2 Compile the Offline Install Files

To compile the files, perform the following steps.

  1. Start the Command Prompt window and run the setup.exe from the directory that you specified in Step 2, using the -distribution flag as follows.

    C:\CDSETUP\setup.exe -d


    This program creates a setup.exe icon in the folder that you selected in Step 2. Running this without the -distribution flag, by double-clicking the icon, for instance, performs a normal setup of the client on your machine. The -distribution option must be used to create the necessary files for an offline install.

  2. You will be prompted for your User Name and Password. Enter your user name and password.

  3. The Choose Directory prompts you for a destination directory where you want to create the CD-ROM image. Ensure that you create a new destination directory other than the directory in which the setup.exe file resides. The destination directory can be in the same path as the directory where the setup.exe file is, but it must be a different directory. Click Browse to locate the destination directory or enter the directory name, and click OK.

    Figure 13-1 displays the Choose Directory dialog.

    Figure 13-1 Choose Directory Dialog

    This image displays the Choose Directory dialog.
  4. All the requisite files are copied to the destination directory, pre-configured for an offline installation. These include an .ini file, which describes the Mobile Client and Java files which are required to upgrade the Java file versions on the client machine, including the setup.exe file.

  5. Use this directory, or the files in this directory, to create a CD using a conventional CD burner, as CD writing software is not provided with Oracle Database Lite 10g.

13.2 Installing a Mobile Client from the CD

You can distribute the CD that you created as needed to users who want to install a Mobile Client. Users requiring a Mobile Client installation from this CD must run the setup.exe file on the CD. Once the Mobile Client is installed on the user's client machine, the user can connect to an instance of the Mobile Server normally.