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Oracle® Database Lite Tools and Utilities Guide
10g (10.0.0)
Part No. B12263-01
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1 Introduction

This document provides an introduction to all the tools and utilities that are used during application development. Topics include:

1.1 Overview

Oracle Database Lite is shipped with a set of tools and utilities that enable tasks relevant to developing, packaging, publishing and synchronizing mobile applications on the Mobile Server. The following sections provide a brief introduction to these tools and utilities.

1.2 Packaging Wizard

The Packaging Wizard is a graphical tool that enables you to perform the following tasks.

When you create a new mobile application, you must define its components and files. In some cases, you may want to edit the definition of an existing mobile application's components. For example, if you develop a new version of your application, you can use the Packaging Wizard to update your application definition. The Packaging Wizard also enables you to package application components in a .jar file which can be published using the Mobile Manager. The Packaging Wizard also enables you to create SQL scripts which can be run to create base tables in the Oracle database.

1.3 Database Tools and Utilities

This section describes how to use the following database tools and utilities.

1.4 Consperf

The Consperf utility is used to profile Consolidator publications. Application developers and administrators can use this utility to analyze performance of publications and identify potential bottlenecks during publication. This tool enables users to perform four primary functions:

During the Synchronization and MGP process, the Consolidator wraps publication item queries in templates to determine incremental changes. With complex snapshot queries, these templates can confuse the Oracle optimizer frequently and may result in poor execution plans. The Consperf utility exposes such templates and profiles their performance in conjunction with actual publication item queries. The Consperf utility generates SQL explain plans for each query.